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"Thank you for your amazing ability to teach well and with a huge heart. Thank you for all you do!"


"Thank you so much for being there for your students and their parents! I really could not do this without you. Your faith in the Lord  and love for our kids and their ability to learn has been so encouraging to me."


"This is truly the most amazing Spanish class there is! Mrs. Hamilton is amazing! She makes learning Spanish fun, easy, and interesting! I would recommend this class to others because it teaches you Spanish fast and enoyably! I have so much knowledge of the Spanish culture and language now!"

Spanish IA, IB, II

"I love Spanish! Mrs. Hamilton teaches it so that everyone understands it, and she makes it much more enjoyable. There are fun memory games involved, and the presentations we present in class not only help us learn Spanish, they help us speak it, too. This class has been the best Spanish class I have taken. Mrs. Hamilton is a fantastic teacher."

Spanish IA, IB

"I think Mrs. Hamilton is an amazing teacher! All her classes are fun and engaging and she teaches in a very easy to understand way. Even though some of the assignmens are hard, they help me learn my strengths and weaknesses. I recommend this class to others because I originally dreaded taking Spanish, but Mrs. Hamilton's happy personality and fun work made Spanish one of my favorite subjects!
¡Muchas gracias!"

Spanish I and II

"You are definitely the best teacher any of us have ever had, and we so appreciate all the time and effort you dedicate for our benefit."

Spanish IA,IB,II, Honors III, AP

"I absolutely love the methods Señora Hamilton uses to develop fabulous skills that will be remembered for the rest of her students' lives... or at least my life :)  I'm extrremely grateful for everything Sra. Hamilton has taught me because I haven't just learned the Spanish language and culture; I've grown as an actual student. I've learned how to be responsible and how to please God through academics. She makes assignment enjoyable while still creating an environment in which her students learn and are challenged. 

Elementary Spanish, High School Spanish  IA, IB,
Spanish IIA, IIB, Honors III, Honors IV and AP

"Because of this Spanish class, I can get lost in Latin America with at  bit of confidence. I would not have been able to say that a year ago. Thank you, Profe!"

Spanish III



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