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 Course Descriptions

For levels I and II, a hardback textbook is provided on loan while supplies last (priority to first enrolled.) Online access to media and student portal is included. All materials are provided for levels III and IV except optional grammar text.

All classes meet once per week and students have homework assignments that require 30-45 minutes of study time on the other 4 days of the week.

This one year course serves as an introduction to Spanish and no prior experience is assumed. Students will learn grammar and vocabulary in a fun and interactive environment using curriculum that includes audio and video. Abundant in-class practice provides opportunity for students to develop proper intonation and pronunciation while learning to interact with others in complete sentences. The pace is typical High School level and requires 30-45 minues of daily study time on the days we do not meet.

In this course, students increase their communicative competancies in the four basic language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Building upon skills learned in level one, this course leads students to handle more complex elements of the language. Spanish I concepts are fully spiraled to ensure solid language acquisition.  Successful students will spend 30-45 minutes in daily study on days we do not meet. Prerequisie: Spanish I with a C or better.

The purpose of this course is the acquisition of Spanish as a means of communication. A variety of new concepts will be added to those presented in Spanish I and II such that the student should be able to dialogue, read, and write with improved proficiecy. A stronger focus on grammar, syntax, vocabulary, verb tenses and conjugations will be applied. Students will view authentic videos and movies as well as read Hispanic literature to learn about the culture and learn idiomatic differences across the varied Spanish speaking world. Successful students will spend 30-45 minutes in daily study on days we do not meet.

Students wishing to develop greater proficiency in Spanish, will benefit from a thorough grammar review while enhancing reading comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking skills. By reading Spanish literature and periodicals, and through ample exposure to native speaker media, students will enhance communicative ability. Students are expected to communicate in Spanish in class and to practice outside of class with peers and in the Spanish speaking community.  Pre-requisite: completion of level III with a B or better.

This two year course covers the same material and uses the same curriculum as Spanish I but at a slower pace. Regardless of a student's age, each course (Ia or Ib) is equivalent to one semester of High School Spanish I. The pace is comfortable for students in 6th-9th grade who wish to build a solid foundation in the language.

Email for additional information on honors, Advanced Placement, National Spanish Exam, and the College Level Examination Program.




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